Digital responsibility

Ethos Services is aware of the challenges posed by the digitalisation of the economy and has defined a clear policy on digital responsibility.

The board of directors has set up an ESG & Digitalisation Committee to assist it, particularly in the area of responsible digital transformation. As part of its analyses, Ethos Services collects or acquires publicly available data on the companies it analyses and has implemented automated data processing procedures. Ethos Services limits the collection of personal data to the minimum necessary for its activities.

Ethos does not sell or transmit any personal data collected on its websites to third parties. If Ethos collects access and usage data and has access to the activity of clients of its e-services platform, this is done solely in order to guarantee a high level of security and to optimise site performance.

When accessing the public site, Ethos only records non-personal usage data, in particular through the use of Matomo. This data is kept for 24 months and may be used for internal statistical purposes or to optimise the performance of the websites.

If an e-mail address is registered for Ethos newsletters, the data is stored in a separate database, which is not linked to anonymous log files. Registration can be cancelled at any time.

Ethos does not use algorithms or profiling techniques to process personal data. Security and privacy audits are regularly carried out with external service providers. These audits cover data protection for Ethos, its staff and its clients.

In 2022, Ethos joined the Institute for Sustainable IT, a not-for-profit association whose objective is to provide a forum for reflection on reducing the digital footprint (economic, social and environmental) and creating sustainable and responsible value through digital technologies in order to achieve e-inclusion for all. Employees have been trained of the challenges of responsible digital technology and digital sobriety.