The Ethos Foundation has joined the Shareholders for Change engagement network, which provides a collective engagement platform that allows smaller institutional investors dedicated to socially responsible investment to increase the impact of their engagement activities with European companies.

One year after its inception, the network currently has nine members with more than EUR 23 billion in assets under management. The network’s objective is to facilitate the participation of its members in collective engagements around three main topics: climate change, labor rights and corporate tax responsibility. By working in a network, group members have access to a larger number of companies, either by engaging directly with management or by participating in annual general meetings.

Maximize the impact of the Ethos Engagement Pool International

Being a member of the "Shareholders for Change" network allows Ethos to reinforce its engagement activities with European companies on issues important to the Swiss pension fund members of the Ethos Engagement Pool International in their international equity investments. The engagement topics chosen by "Shareholders for Change" are similar to those addressed by the Ethos Engagement Pool International. Through the network, Ethos can count on well-regarded actors recognized at the European level who have direct contact with the companies in their respective countries. By supporting their efforts, the impact of their engagements is increased. Conversely, "Shareholders for Change" will be able to support the engagements of Ethos with Swiss companies in the future.

Shareholders for Change communication

Founding members
Bank für Kirche und Caritas eG (Germany)
Ecofi Investissements, Groupe Crédit Coopératif (France)
Etica Sgr, Gruppo Banca Etica (Italy)
fair-finance Vorsorgekasse (Austria)
Fondazione Finanza Etica FFE, (Italy)
Fundación Finanzas Eticas (Spain)
Meeschaert Asset Management (France)

Ordinary members
Ethos Foundation (Switzerland) 
Friends Provident Foundation (UK)